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hand pointing at finance graphsIndividuals and businesses have at least one thing in common - both must pay taxes. With each passing year, changing rules and regulations make filing more complicated. Mandatory obligations like these can take away your valuable time and hard-earned money. Fortunately, you can save in more ways than one with proactive tax planning from a team of experienced professionals.

At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we are a full-service firm specializing in tax planning for Marmora business owners. As CPAs, our team has extensive knowledge in tax law, and our founder, Cheryl Ward, has worked closely with the IRS for decades. We apply this skillset and unique qualifications to implement strategies for helping you save and keep more of your income come tax time.

Since 1992, we have been assisting businesses and individuals with tailored solutions and year-round support. Our team continues to help companies and individuals like you across Marmora, Ocean City, Upper Township, and Cape May County, and all surrounding locations. Do not wait until tax season to start benefiting from expert tax planning. Contact us to schedule your free consultation today!

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The Value of Proactive Tax Planning

Individual income tax return form, glasses, pen and calculator on deskCareful planning is key for helping you achieve your personal and professional financial goals. When your taxes are handled by our experts, you can trust us to create and put a comprehensive plan together for you. Having a sound strategy in place can help lower your taxable income, allowing you to take more control of your fiscal obligations.

Precise planning can provide you many benefits when done so correctly. Our experts can show you ways to take advantage of your situation and save more efficiently. These can include holding your capital and assets, which can reduce  your taxable income and investments. We also inform you of potential deductions you qualify for to help lower your liability. Our CPAs will evaluate your finances in detail to discover which payments you can claim.

4 Benefits of Professional Tax Planning

Planning your taxes with our professionals can benefit you personally and professionally. Having a team of experts handle this responsibility can naturally reduce your financial burden while also providing you with an enlightened perspective. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we do more than ensure your income tax is reported accurately and filed on-time; we help you gain a full understanding of your situation and prepare for the upcoming year.

Our CPAs want you to know where your money is, what happens with it, and where it goes during each tax season. We take time and work with you, providing the essential knowledge needed to reduce money owed and increase revenue. Other advantages that come with planning your taxes can include:

  1. Relieving the burden of doing the preparation planning, and filing yourself
  2. Expert strategies tailored to your business & life
  3. Improved organization & better control of your contributions
  4. Insightful decision-making concerning tax laws & responsibilities

Perhaps the most significant benefit of outsourcing your tax planning is how it helps you save time and achieve your financial goals with a lot less stress. We recommend and apply the right solutions to meet your needs after a detailed analysis of your life and business, going beyond finances to ensure success.

Planning for Individual Tax Needs

woman reading document at homeWhether you are fresh out of college or close to retirement, being proactive with tax planning is vital. Staying updated and on top of your finances is key to helping you avoid costly mistakes that could jeopardize your long-term goals.

At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., our CPAs know that your financial situation is as unique as you are, and we apply various strategies to help lessen your obligations. Such tactics include:

  • Dividing income among legal entities or family members to attain a lower tax bracket.
  • Suspending income and expenses for another year to validate them for a reduced rate.
  • Making certain investments to generate income excused from federal or state taxes or both.
  • Discovering deductions by restructuring your income to pay for what you enjoy, like purchasing a vacation home.

Business Tax Planning in Marmora

Portrait of a smiling handsome businessman with crossed armsRules and regulations for business taxes are always changing. These fluctuations often make it more challenging to navigate through your obligations, putting you at risk for errors or inconsistencies that could result in significant penalties and fines.

Fortunately, working with our Marmora tax planning team means that we stay up-to-date on all changes and regulations. We work with numerous limited liability companies (LLCs), partnerships, and corporations. Our CPAs can help your business by planning around evolving tax laws to keep you adaptable, compliant, and maximize your profit margin.

Tax Strategies for Life-Changing Events

There's no denying that significant life changes can impact your personal and business finances. They can also affect your tax obligations. With an in-depth knowledge of the tax code, our certified public accountants can provide effective planning and money-saving strategies to adapt to whatever life throws your way.

You will not need to worry about postponing significant decisions when things change. We work with you throughout the year, helping you prepare for surprises and protect your valuable income. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., you can rely on us to plan your taxes around events regarding your life and business. Some of which include:

  • Retirement
  • Buying & selling property
  • Moving from state to state
  • Job & career changes
  • Changes in income
  • Selling & merging your business

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At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., helping you achieve financial success is our top priority. Because tax obligations can play a significant role in your personal and professional stability, we are here to help you manage them as effectively as possible. Our CPAs proudly provide strategic tax planning services to businesses and individuals throughout Upper Township, Ocean City, Cape May County, and all surrounding neighborhoods.

Our team is compassionate, understanding, and knowledgeable. To discover how our firm can help improve your finances, contact us for your free consultation today!

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