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accounting services in marmoraAt Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we provide comprehensive bookkeeping, and accounting services to small business across Marmora. Whether you are an established business owner or an individual taxpayer, our team is committed to helping you plan for and achieve financial success.

We are tax, accounting, and bookkeeping professionals who possess the skill and first-hand experience to organize your books, plan and prepare returns, and keep you protected all year long. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we are here to take time-consuming financial tasks off your hands. Our CPAs and accountants can help you save and free up your valuable time, so you can get back to growing your business.

We proudly serve small businesses throughout Marmora and the surrounding Upper Township, Ocean City, and Cape May County communities. To find out how our full-service firm can help you, contact us to schedule your free initial consultation today!

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Committed to Your Business Needs

Our professionals provide sound accounting and bookkeeping solutions with an individualized approach. We understand that needs vary, and we deliver services with the attention and customization you deserve. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we take time to answer questions and address concerns with a high level of problem-solving skills to help you remain financially stable and compliant.

Our CPAs and team provide a wide range of accounting and bookkeeping services. They include, but are not limited to:

Compiling Financial Statements

accounting financial statement help in marmoraAs your trusted resource for outsourced accounting and bookkeeping in Marmora, we also provide financial statements at basic-level assurance with compilations. We can improve your bookkeeping functions for more accurate reports, records, and tax returns with this service.

Compilations provide low-level assurance designed solely for internal use. This means that compilations do not offer any verification to outside parties such as shareholders or investors. Compiling your business' financial statements involves gathering all fiscal records and releasing a report regarding those records. While it does not include an in-depth evaluation of those reports for accuracy, it does ensure that all forms are summarized in one document.

Using Compilations to Benefit Your Marmora Business

Compilations are a snapshot of the overall profits, losses, and balances of your business. Having this information can benefit you significantly during tax season. If you file a business tax return; a compilation can easily calculate your venture's income.

Additionally, compilations can help confirm the balance between your various business records, such as accounts, inventory sheets, and hiring budgets. With compilations, we can also identify discrepancies in inventory to prevent potential asset theft or unnecessary loss. A financial compilation can help you factor-in an appropriate budget for hiring new employees, ensuring that you do not create any positions that you cannot support financially.

QuickBooks Setup & Accounting Support

marmora quickbooks accountingQuickBooks is a highly customizable and accurate bookkeeping system that can help many small businesses. This software is designed to help you organize and manage your records and adapt to changes. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we provide QuickBooks setup and on-going support.

We use this system to deliver monthly and quarterly bookkeeping to ensure everything is up to date. Budgeting, cash flow management, financial reporting, and statements are all easily compiled with QuickBooks.

Forensic Accounting Services in Marmora

marmora forensic accounting servicesOur team offers forensic accounting to investigate anticipated or actual disputes. We offer forensic accounting for a range of situations, from divorce to business fraud. If you are a small business owner facing fraud, we provide a meticulous approach to verifying and identifying the source. Our forensic accounting experts can review your business policies and procedures to address weaknesses and implement more efficient processes.

A few services we commonly use with investigative accounting include:

If your business has internal inconsistencies in its accounting, we can thoroughly examine your records to establish accuracy. With our support, we can protect you during stressful circumstances. You can rely on us to review your situation entirely, offering a strategic suggestion for practical resolution.

At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., we also verify your personal records when faced with a domestic dispute involving financial dishonesty or divorce. Our team understands these hardships and is compassionate toward the sensitive nature of these disputes. You can rest assured that we will provide support with a human touch and the utmost sincerity, especially during difficult situations.

We can help with the protection and review of your personal and business assets. At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., our team can even coordinate with other experts such as private investigators, forensic document examiners, and consulting legal counsel on your behalf.

Here to Serve Your Accounting & Bookkeeping Needs

At Cheryl Ward, CPA P.C., our goal is to deliver reliable and effective solutions personalized to needs. Our team provides business accounting, bookkeeping, and forensic accounting services backed by decades of experience.

We proudly serve those working and living in Marmora, Upper Township, Ocean City, and the Cape May County communities. Contact our skilled professionals to schedule your free consultation today!

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